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Posted 2/10/2016 9:57am by Mona.

It's February.  It's New Hampshire.  We've had, thankfully, a rather warm and fairly snowless winter.  For a few days last week we could even see the grass.  Thursday morning the boys were out in their big pasture pretending to graze and pronking about.

However, on Friday, I was typing while I watched it snow, snow, snow outside.  Oh well!  It snowed again on Monday.  So much for an early spring courtesy of The Groundhog.  Because of the warmish weather, we only have a few tarps up.  That's been nice for the pacas because there is sun coming into the barn, and fresh air by cross-ventilation.  We've even been able to keep the 'big door' open on the boys' side most days.  Needless to say, they enjoy running in one doorway into the barn and zooming out the other.  Silly, silly boys.

I feel so bad for our 3 girls.  We've had to keep the girls' side door closed because we don't want to chance an unexpected cria born in the pasture in the snow.  BUT, it's been over a year now since the break-out at Pam's farm so the chances of a cria now are very slim.  It was really warm last week so I did open up the girls' big door during the day.  At first, they had no idea of their good luck.  I had to call to them 'yoo-hoo Ladies, time to run out and stretch your legs!'  I only had to call them once.  :)  Trixie was first, gave me a 'yeeha!' expression, then trotted on by me with Ashoo and LadyDi (Danae) close behind.  They all ran down to the end of their pasture to check things out.  Not much grass in mid-winter so they were back in the barn soon to munch on their hay instead.

So on Friday and Monday with the snowstorms I had a traditional winter in New England day, sipping tea, putting wood on the fire, shoveling, and weaving.  :)

Hope your winter days are going well too!

Posted 12/31/2015 7:26pm by Mona.

Blessings to all of you this lovely New Year's Eve.

Our 2015 started out badly but certainly got better in the fall with the arrival of The Twins, Ashoo and Danae, whom we now call Lady Di.  And our year is ending oddly with the possibility that one, or perhaps both of them, just might surprise us with a cria!  Apparently when they were at Pam's last January, there was a breakout and her stud male got into the girls' pen.  Pam has had 2 surprise crias this past week!  Adorable as they are, I am not prepared to play alpaca midwife, so let's hope that if it does happen, everything will go smoothly.  Actually, an alpaca baby running around, full of life, would be rather nice.  :)

Looking forward to a fabulous 2016.  Wishing you all a fabulous 2016 as well.  Thank you so much for reading our little blog.

Posted 10/17/2015 9:00am by Mona.

A wonderful thing has happened to our little farm.  In mid-September, Pam came down from Maine, bringing along Dreamer's daughter, Ashoo, and Ashoo's look-alike daughter, Danae, as company for our poor, lonely Trixie.  The meet and greet was entirely uneventful, just the kind we enjoy.  Well, the boys were all riled up for a few hours but by the next morning, all was calm as usual.  :)

Within a few minutes of arriving, the two new girls decided to check out their new pasture.  Trixie was so excited to have pasture-mates again that she ran off after them, pronking away!  She was literally 'jumping for joy' and 'clicking her heels together.'  In case you're not sure what I mean, Trixie was absolutely ecstatic.

Ashoo looks and acts so much like Dreamer that I was in tears for several days after her arrival.  But now, it's just pure joy.  We're still mixing Ashoo up with Danae but they don't seem to mind, hence our nickname for them, The Twins.  The pair is very bonded and they are always, always together.  Of course that now means that Trixie isn't quite sure what to do sometimes.  With her dominant personality as well as Ashoo's, again so much like her momma, Dreamer, there is usually a good spit-fest happening between the two of them when I put out fresh hay.  What can I say?  It's funny as hell!

Sometimes the 3 of then will stand together side-by-side.  When I see them like that, for some odd reason all I can think of is ZZ Top singing Sharp Dressed Man.  lol.

The best news is that the 3 of them stay together, in the barn, in the paddock, out to their pasture, and back again.  They've become an instant herd.  

Yes, yes, pictures are coming!!

Posted 10/11/2015 6:01pm by Mona.

Yes everyone, I wrote this several weeks ago and forgot to post.  OOPS!

We've had a very lovely, sunny, dry summer.  A few days had gotten well over 90 degrees but for the most part it's been very comfortable. The alpacas are all doing well, with only minor ailments to check on now and then, and big bowls of pellets to the thinner ones.  My dear Soloman, aka Sol, is still much, much too thin but he is definitely moving around much better!  He has been enjoying the sun, and most days he'll venture out, albeit slowly, on his own to the pastures.  I love that he is getting his much needed Vitamin D.  Even my beautiful Bo Jangles, who has always preferred the barn, has been enjoying the sun.  With the lack of rain, the flies have been minimal this year, so Bo has not suffered allergic bites on his cute face as badly as previous summers.  Even we humans are thankful for less barn flies.  Trust me, those bites are just awful!

Here is Bear hogging the pool, just before shearing day this year:

Bear, not sharing the pool 2015

On the really hot days, Dan will drag out the hose to spray down the alpacas' bellies and legs.  All he has to do is start unwinding the hose and the boys come running.  They all jockey for position with a "Me Next Please!" attitude. Sometimes Dan will bring out the kiddie pool.  Bear is always first and has plenty to say to whomever tries to join in.  Desi managed to get in with him momentarily and Bear promptly kicked him out.  Then little Earthling got in and cushed and wouldn't budge!  Such an adorable scene.  

And here's a rare picture of 2 alpacas in the pool together:

Pool Party! 2015

Once again the deer devoured whatever I tried planting in my garden and I gave up early in the summer.  I really need to find an easy way to fence them out.  It's so odd not to have a garden, to head out back to pick something for dinner. I have done that for years and years. Instead I have found a new passion:  shopping for veggies at the farmers' markets and picking fruit at PickYourOwn farms.  I love supporting other local farms!  We picked 12 pounds of blueberries one day, most of which are now in the freezer.  Every morning for breakfast this summer, I have been eating the yummiest yogurt from a local dairy farm, topping it with fresh in season berries or fruit, and local raw honey.  OH YUM.  In September comes apples to pick and plenty of winter squashes at the farmer's markets.

No matter if it's food or fleece, remember to support your local small farmers!

Posted 5/17/2015 8:01am by Mona.

Thank you all for your kind notes, comments, and emails regarding the unfortunate loss of our lovely Alana.  I am very grateful to all of you.  :)

Spring has arrived.  The snow has melted, melted, melted, and the mud, mud, mud arrived too.  A wonderful week of sunny weather with actual springtime temperatures significantly dried up the mud.  Grass is growing and turning green.  We're slowly removing the winter tarps off the front of the barn and have opened up 'the big doors' on the sides of the awning, letting in spring's very welcome warm sunshine.  Songbirds have returned, singing their beautiful songs of love.  A cute little flycatcher is nesting above the light in the barn.  Dan has put the birdhouses back up along the fence line for the bluebirds.

Over the winter, the freezing cold heaves up the ground which heaves up the fenceposts which mis-aligns the gates.  Now that it has warmed up, the ground recedes back and once again the gates are mis-aligned.  Dan's winter and springtime chore is to move the latches up or down, usually more than once, so that the gates will shut easily.

The alpacas are all in "full fleece" now and are looking their cutest!

A few weeks ago, Candy from Eye Candy Alpacas/Wit's End Alpacas came by for a visit and to bring the pacas a gift ....... a bale of Chaffhaye.  Chaffhaye is basically chopped and fermented alfalfa hay.  It is excellent for ruminant animals and horses too.  The bale is in a thick plastic, somewhat shrink-wrapped, 50 pound bag.I opened the bag in our little tack room.  Our tack room now smells like sauerkraut.  :). Good thing I like sauerkraut.

The alpacas’ reaction to the chaffhaye was priceless.  I put a handful in Trixie's bowl and she wanted nothing to do with it.  She just sniffed once and walked away.

I stuffed an empty container of electrolytes to offer it to the boys.  Alpacas are curious yet cautious creatures especially when it comes to new food.  North was the first to approach me and check it out.  He stood just far enough away to stretch out his neck and give a good long sniff and..... instantly JUMPED back, all 4 feet off the ground, sneezing and wide-eyed.  He gave me this look of 'what the hell is that?'. One after another they slowly came over to me and they all reacted like North had.  I wish I'd had a video camera filming their reaction because it was absolutely hysterical to watch.  :).   They really made me laugh.  I really need to laugh again.

I cleaned out the catch tray on their stand up feeder and spread out the chaffhaye, then stood back and watched.  A few curious noses slowly walked up, long necks outstretched, in total sniff mode.  The first to sample the chaffhaye and deem it yummy to eat?  Desi, of course.  I spread some more out along both shelves of that feeder and along the top of the hay in the bale feeder in the barn.  Yes the barn now smells like sauerkraut.

When I returned in the evening, Trixie's bowl and the boy's feeders were licked clean.  Yup, they love the stuff!  Now to find more .......

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Posted 4/22/2015 5:33pm by Mona.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!  And don't forget to say Happy Birthday to our little Earth Wind & Fire, whom we call 'Earthling' or just Earth.  He was born on Earth Day in 2009.  :)

Earth in full fleece

Posted 3/29/2015 6:53pm by Mona.

Today, today we buried my beautiful, sweet Alana.  We placed her right by Dreamer whom I'm sure she missed, and now they are running together in the green pastures on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Alana as a cria

My heart is broken in a million pieces.  When I first saw Alana as a cria, I knew I had to have her; she was my reason for having alpacas.  Her rosey-grey fleece shined pink in the sun.  She was only here on Earth for 8 years, and never once been sick.  Alpacas are so very stoic creatures, hiding their illness and pain very well.  By the time we human caretakers are aware, it's become very serious and oftentimes too late.  And oftentimes, there isn't anything we humans can do.  I certainly did not see this coming.  I certainly was not prepared for her to leave.

She was so calm and patient while we worked with her, giving injections of pain reliever and antibiotic, syringing water, and trying to get her to eat and drink from the water bucket we placed in front of her.  Our vet was not hopeful, but Alana kept showing me she had the will to live. 

What I wouldn't give for one more chance to hug her.

Goodbye my sweet Alana.  Rest in peace girl, knowing you were loved.  Whenever I see pink I'll think of you.  :)

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Posted 2/12/2015 1:24pm by Mona.

I think our blog could use some happy thoughts! 

Today I thought I'd write randomly about our alpacas' many different personalities.We are sure having a very snowy February!  Hope you all are staying safe while clearing snow and ice from your driveways and barns.

The two girls we have left, Alana and 'Trixie', are totally bonded and inseparable. Trixie definitely is more dominant, although both alarm when needed.  Their new trick is to watch me clean the barn and to get my attention, they'll start rolling.  They alternately roll and then stare at me, pleased with themselves.  This continues until I laugh, stop what I'm doing, and give them pellets as a treat.  :). Sometimes, they'll stand at their hay bin and stare at me with their most pathetic face until I give in.  Sometimes Trixie will follow me right into the tack room.

Alana is our shyest alpaca but she will now eat from my hand.  She is very tall and can easily 'gazelle' right over the hay bin from a standing still position. Her beautiful rose-grey fleece looks pink in the sun.  When I first saw her, I knew I had to have her.

Dan was scratching Trixie's neck and she sniffed his hand.  When she realized he did not have any pellets, she spit in his face.

Henry..... oh Henry ......I wheel over the poo barrow after I finish up on the girls' side and Henry comes right over, sticks his head in there, and takes a good long sniff.  Eeewwwww!  I have to chase him out several times before he finally stops.  When I have to catch him, he rests his head along my shoulder.

Henry is our Barn Clown and is usually up to something.  :)

Sol loves to watch me and follow me in the barn.  While I'm bent over fluffing hay in the bin or checking to see how much water is in the buckets, he'll put his head on my shoulder.  Julio used to do this also.  Sol has earned a special place in my heart.  He came here with some sort of injury to his hips (?) and has trouble walking and is still quite thin, so we're always checking in on him.  He is dominant towards the others regarding hay and feed yet very well mannered around we humans.  He lets me hug him too.

Arlo has the sweetest alpaca face, like he's always smiling.  When he chews his cud, his little round face looks like a cherub singing.  He is sweet, sweet, sweet.  To me, he will always look like a cria.  I often call him my Little Man.  He really does not like his feet touched at all and will cush quickly when we try to trim toenails.  Arlo and Bo's toenails seem to grow the fastest.

Daji is so shy still that when I put out hay, he comes to me first, I'll pull out a handful from the feeder, and I hold out the handful for him to munch on.  Then he'll step in closer and try to eat from the feeder with the others.  He is easily pushed out by the others.  He is also very sweet.  He does not like to be caught by us humans and whimpers.

Desi will usually let both Dan and I give him a hug and does not mind humans at all.  Desi will alarm when he senses danger, so we've deemed him our Guard Alpaca.  He is a big alpaca and super strong.  When he eats pellets from our hands, he is so enthusiastic he almost bites our hands.

After 5 years of living here, Coty will finally eat from our hands, sometimes.  Coty is our tallest alpaca, very calm yet shy like his momma Alana, and struts beautifully when he walks.  His fleece is my favorite.

Copper loves to talk in an adorable high-pitch squeal, often.  He talks quite a bit while at the hay feeders.  Copper is also quite the clown, much like his big brother Henry.  Copper and Henry are quite the pair together, instigating humorous trouble.

Earth also loves to talk and is still our most talkative alpaca.  Sometimes it is a loud squeal, but usually it's a long, drawn out, deep humming.  I tell him he sounds like a sheep.  He is very sweet and gives me kisses every day.  He will also tug at my jacket when trying to get my attention.  He chews hay very slowly and I love to watch his little mouth.

Bo loves the barn so much that he is almost always the last to leave and the first to return.  Bo is allergic to the many flying insects.  He looks pathetic during the summer since he scratches the fleece right off his face around his eyes.  Poor Bo. This summer I will try something homeopathic for him.  And Bo loves to have his picture taken!  When he sees me with the camera, he stands still and poses.  I love spinning his fleece.

Falcon is a very quiet alpaca.  He is always observing whatever is going on, quietly, and bothers no one.  He prefers to cush in the back corners of the barn where the straw is.  But when we bring out pellets,watch out!  He is right there, nosing his way in, making sure he gets some.

North is another big, calm alpaca, with lots of lovely, maroonish fleece.  The fleece on his neck is almost as long as the fleece on his back.  He loves to be scratched behind the ears and down his neck.  He eats hay from my arms as I load it into the outside feeder.  He follows Dan around on the tractor while he's moving snow in the paddock, jumping and pronking.

Speaking of moving snow, we really miss Guinness right now in the depths of winter.  He used to get so excited when Dan brought in the tractor.  He'd lay down in front of the bucket and roll and roll and roll.  None of the other pacas will do that.  He seemed to prefer us humans to his alpaca friends.  lol.  I also really miss his momma Dreamer and all her sass and spunk.  She'd spit on a moment's notice in her alpha way, but also welcomed my neck scratches and hugs.

Bear came to us with a bit of a shoulder injury.  With our fairly flat pasture, much different than the farm he was living on, he was running within a week.  He tries hard to be Alpha, head of the herd.  He has a dominant personality and isn't afraid to let the others know it.  He has lovely silvery-black fleece.  His voice has a growling sound to it, which is how we nicknamed him Bear. 

Cowboy is a very sweet little guy with lots of thick, soft, medium fawn-brownish fleece so we call him Peanut.  He's very quiet and bothers no one like his papa Falcon.  He doesn't mind us scratching and touching him, but is surprisingly strong if we try to catch him for shots or shearing, etc. 

Eragon, aaahh  Eragon.  He is a nice boy and likes to pal around with Henry. He sometimes joins Henry in his sniffing the poo barrow shenanigans.  His face and curly topknot even look a lot like Henry's.  You'd think they were brothers but they are not related at all.  He is usually quiet but will shyly eat from my hand. Dan kind of refers to him as 'the forgotten alpaca' since he doesn't have any paca personality traits that stand out nor is he ever sick.  He's a good boy!  His very dark rose-grey fleece looks fabulous in the sun.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of our pacas' personalities!  Next time I'll talk fleece colors.  :)


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Posted 12/31/2014 4:50pm by Mona.

Blessings to all of you on New Year’s Eve.   

Our farm has had a very rough 2014.  Our year did not start well, and it certainly did not end well.   

In late October, we lost our wonderful Guinness, suddenly.  And then a few weeks later we lost his beautiful mother, Dreamer, to pneumonia brought on by her age.  I owe them a tribute, but am still too devastated to type up their stories.  

The rest of our alpacas have all adapted well to their sudden loss of herdmates.  I continue to hug them all each and every day, finding solace in their beautiful eyes and souls.  

I am sending you all wishes for a wonderful and fabulous 2015.  

Bright Blessings,  


Posted 12/24/2014 4:36pm by Mona.

It's that time of year again to sing a happy tune.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 

The Fiber Twelve Days of Christmas        

On the twelfth day of Stitch-mas, my true love gave to me:

Twelve knitters knitting

Eleven cones a’ winding

Ten orders shipping

Nine rugs a’ hooking

Eight yarns a’ dying

Seven needles felting

Six sample cards

Five spinning wheels!!!

Four pounds of fiber

Three nuno scarves

Two socks on one needle  

And a yarn store that understands me!

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

Coming soon!
Our new fiber store on Local Harvest!


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