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Sadness Once Again

Posted 3/29/2015 6:53pm by Mona.

Today, today we buried my beautiful, sweet Alana.  We placed her right by Dreamer whom I'm sure she missed, and now they are running together in the green pastures on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Alana as a cria

My heart is broken in a million pieces.  When I first saw Alana as a cria, I knew I had to have her; she was my reason for having alpacas.  Her rosey-grey fleece shined pink in the sun.  She was only here on Earth for 8 years, and never once been sick.  Alpacas are so very stoic creatures, hiding their illness and pain very well.  By the time we human caretakers are aware, it's become very serious and oftentimes too late.  And oftentimes, there isn't anything we humans can do.  I certainly did not see this coming.  I certainly was not prepared for her to leave.

She was so calm and patient while we worked with her, giving injections of pain reliever and antibiotic, syringing water, and trying to get her to eat and drink from the water bucket we placed in front of her.  Our vet was not hopeful, but Alana kept showing me she had the will to live. 

What I wouldn't give for one more chance to hug her.

Goodbye my sweet Alana.  Rest in peace girl, knowing you were loved.  Whenever I see pink I'll think of you.  :)

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