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Summertime 2015

Posted 10/11/2015 6:01pm by Mona.

Yes everyone, I wrote this several weeks ago and forgot to post.  OOPS!

We've had a very lovely, sunny, dry summer.  A few days had gotten well over 90 degrees but for the most part it's been very comfortable. The alpacas are all doing well, with only minor ailments to check on now and then, and big bowls of pellets to the thinner ones.  My dear Soloman, aka Sol, is still much, much too thin but he is definitely moving around much better!  He has been enjoying the sun, and most days he'll venture out, albeit slowly, on his own to the pastures.  I love that he is getting his much needed Vitamin D.  Even my beautiful Bo Jangles, who has always preferred the barn, has been enjoying the sun.  With the lack of rain, the flies have been minimal this year, so Bo has not suffered allergic bites on his cute face as badly as previous summers.  Even we humans are thankful for less barn flies.  Trust me, those bites are just awful!

Here is Bear hogging the pool, just before shearing day this year:

Bear, not sharing the pool 2015

On the really hot days, Dan will drag out the hose to spray down the alpacas' bellies and legs.  All he has to do is start unwinding the hose and the boys come running.  They all jockey for position with a "Me Next Please!" attitude. Sometimes Dan will bring out the kiddie pool.  Bear is always first and has plenty to say to whomever tries to join in.  Desi managed to get in with him momentarily and Bear promptly kicked him out.  Then little Earthling got in and cushed and wouldn't budge!  Such an adorable scene.  

And here's a rare picture of 2 alpacas in the pool together:

Pool Party! 2015

Once again the deer devoured whatever I tried planting in my garden and I gave up early in the summer.  I really need to find an easy way to fence them out.  It's so odd not to have a garden, to head out back to pick something for dinner. I have done that for years and years. Instead I have found a new passion:  shopping for veggies at the farmers' markets and picking fruit at PickYourOwn farms.  I love supporting other local farms!  We picked 12 pounds of blueberries one day, most of which are now in the freezer.  Every morning for breakfast this summer, I have been eating the yummiest yogurt from a local dairy farm, topping it with fresh in season berries or fruit, and local raw honey.  OH YUM.  In September comes apples to pick and plenty of winter squashes at the farmer's markets.

No matter if it's food or fleece, remember to support your local small farmers!

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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Our new fiber store on Local Harvest!


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