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Winter 2016

Posted 2/10/2016 9:57am by Mona.

It's February.  It's New Hampshire.  We've had, thankfully, a rather warm and fairly snowless winter.  For a few days last week we could even see the grass.  Thursday morning the boys were out in their big pasture pretending to graze and pronking about.

However, on Friday, I was typing while I watched it snow, snow, snow outside.  Oh well!  It snowed again on Monday.  So much for an early spring courtesy of The Groundhog.  Because of the warmish weather, we only have a few tarps up.  That's been nice for the pacas because there is sun coming into the barn, and fresh air by cross-ventilation.  We've even been able to keep the 'big door' open on the boys' side most days.  Needless to say, they enjoy running in one doorway into the barn and zooming out the other.  Silly, silly boys.

I feel so bad for our 3 girls.  We've had to keep the girls' side door closed because we don't want to chance an unexpected cria born in the pasture in the snow.  BUT, it's been over a year now since the break-out at Pam's farm so the chances of a cria now are very slim.  It was really warm last week so I did open up the girls' big door during the day.  At first, they had no idea of their good luck.  I had to call to them 'yoo-hoo Ladies, time to run out and stretch your legs!'  I only had to call them once.  :)  Trixie was first, gave me a 'yeeha!' expression, then trotted on by me with Ashoo and LadyDi (Danae) close behind.  They all ran down to the end of their pasture to check things out.  Not much grass in mid-winter so they were back in the barn soon to munch on their hay instead.

So on Friday and Monday with the snowstorms I had a traditional winter in New England day, sipping tea, putting wood on the fire, shoveling, and weaving.  :)

Hope your winter days are going well too!

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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