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Alpaca 911

Posted 11/21/2011 4:36pm by Mona.

Gratitude is such an important word.  In November here in the U.S., many people ponder what they’re grateful for ~ it’s Thanksgiving time after all.   Dan and I like to remind ourselves daily of the things we’re grateful for.  When you’re feeling down and out, one way to make you feel better is take a deep breath, and think of the happy and good things in your life.

We are fortunate enough to say we can care for our alpacas.  I know not all people can, usually through circumstances beyond their control.  The stories are many and they are all sad.   These stories will continue, I’m afraid to say.  Yes I realize it’s not limited to the alpaca world.

Every time I hear of another alpaca farm in need of assistance, my heart sinks for the animals.  But my spirits are lifted when I remind myself of the kind souls out there who work so tirelessly to aid these animals, which in turn helps their human caretakers. 

Let us not forget the people who do this necessary work ~ taking in these alpacas, assess them for medical issues, keeping them warm and fed, until they may possibly be re-homed.   These people, made up of individual farms and large organizations, are truly angels on earth in my eyes. 

One such individual is Linda Lachanski, home of Pic-A-Paca Dreams Farm and Alpaca911 rescue, located in upstate New York.    She has started up and coordinates a coast to coast network of alpaca farms willing to help out.  And how can you help?  You can sign up in the database!  List your name and location, and how you can help.  Any type of help is appreciated.  Perhaps you can offer to trailer alpacas a short distance, or provide gas money for those trailering, or donate a few bales of hay or a bag of pellets.  Perhaps you can take in a few alpacas or know of someone who can, even if for only a short time.  If you are listed on the database, Linda will know whom to contact for assistance.  What is needed the most are foster homes and permanent homes.  Monetary donations are always graciously accepted if one cannot donate time or already has a full barn.  Our country is large, the need is great and continuous, and certainly just one person cannot do it all.

Linda needs your help everyone!  Let’s pass along good karma!  Please visit the Alpaca911 group:


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what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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