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alpacas barn pasture

Posted 10/17/2015 9:00am by Mona.

A wonderful thing has happened to our little farm.  In mid-September, Pam came down from Maine, bringing along Dreamer's daughter, Ashoo, and Ashoo's look-alike daughter, Danae, as company for our poor, lonely Trixie.  The meet and greet was entirely uneventful, just the kind we enjoy.  Well, the boys were all riled up for a few hours but by the next morning, all was calm as usual.  :)

Within a few minutes of arriving, the two new girls decided to check out their new pasture.  Trixie was so excited to have pasture-mates again that she ran off after them, pronking away!  She was literally 'jumping for joy' and 'clicking her heels together.'  In case you're not sure what I mean, Trixie was absolutely ecstatic.

Ashoo looks and acts so much like Dreamer that I was in tears for several days after her arrival.  But now, it's just pure joy.  We're still mixing Ashoo up with Danae but they don't seem to mind, hence our nickname for them, The Twins.  The pair is very bonded and they are always, always together.  Of course that now means that Trixie isn't quite sure what to do sometimes.  With her dominant personality as well as Ashoo's, again so much like her momma, Dreamer, there is usually a good spit-fest happening between the two of them when I put out fresh hay.  What can I say?  It's funny as hell!

Sometimes the 3 of then will stand together side-by-side.  When I see them like that, for some odd reason all I can think of is ZZ Top singing Sharp Dressed Man.  lol.

The best news is that the 3 of them stay together, in the barn, in the paddock, out to their pasture, and back again.  They've become an instant herd.  

Yes, yes, pictures are coming!!

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