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Farm Errands

Posted 3/22/2010 10:40am by Mona Kennedy.

Like most people, Saturday mornings are usually reserved for household errands, such as going to the bank, post office, grocery shopping, and a dump run.  Now every month or so, we fill our Saturday with farm errands as well.  On those mornings we sometimes also say ‘well, what the hay!’ and go out for breakfast as well.

Farm errands generally involve going to our local feed store and simply picking up a bag of alpaca pellets.  Sometimes we’re also running low on other necessities like electrolytes for their water or minerals, and sometimes we’re in need of another pair of gloves or tube of a de-wormer.  I always eye the boot selection.  Usually, though, we like to just walk around and check things out and talk with the wonderful owners.  This couple loves animals and is always interested in what our alpacas are up to.  We happily oblige and try not to babble on incessantly.  With every conversation we’ve had with them, we learn a little something. 

From there we head out to another fairly local feed store to pick up straw, when our local feed store is sold out.  This store has the same, but different, stuff stocked and is also a hardware store (gotta love small New Hampshire towns!) so we poke around there too.  This particular store is also really into feeding outdoor birds and I’ve always enjoyed looking at all the different feeders on display, located right next to bags of dog food.   When our prior dog had gotten older and developed sensitivities, this particular brand of dog food was the only one that would make her feel better.  I always think of my beloved Critter when we come in here.  Soon they will have starter chicks and ducks hatching, set up in metal boxes like tall structures with lights, resembling stacked trays and grow lights for starting seedling plants.  I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be done but it has always looked so odd to me.  They usually have a good selection of dog toys and treats so we always pick up a little something for Stella too, who is usually waiting patiently in the truck.

Some Saturdays we also need to pick up hay.  Our little tack room probably could not store a year’s worth of hay so we pick up hay every month or two.  We also need space in our tack room for the metal trash cans which store the alpaca pellets, wall room to hang halters and leads and the feed bins, and the small ‘work table’ in the corner.  We put these things along one half of the tack room and the 30 or so hay bales along the other.  The rest of any hay we purchase is stored in our garage and we wheel it down with a dolly as needed.  We put the few bales of straw we purchase in the corner of the pen, although lately the alpacas have discovered that rolling in an opened bale of straw is lots of fun!

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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