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Llama Rescue Emergency

Posted 12/4/2010 2:12pm by Mona.

Hello All ~ I have just heard of a large animal rescue that has to close down and is in need of immediate re-homing of 800, yes that is correct ~ 800 ~ llamas, and some other animals.  Linda Lachanski of Alpaca 911 rescue in New York is coordinating this unimaginable event.  Here is the information that I am aware of with contact information for Linda.  She asks to please email as she has been swamped with phone calls.  Thank you for reading and any assistance you can provide, if even in prayer.


This is being passed along for ANYONE looking to adopt or may know of someone looking to adopt other types of animals:
The Montana Large Animal Sanctuary is closing and needs to find homes for the following animals as soon as possible!:
Bison 2
Cattle 35
Goats 25
Sheep 15
PB pigs 7
Llamas 800
Horses at 2 locations total 110
Cavies 15
Emus 12
Camels 2

Please contact me ASAP if you know of anyone interested in helping with this situation.


Linda Lachanski
Pic A Paca Dreams Alpaca Farm
14 Courtney Drive
Delanson, NY
Home of Alpaca911 Rescue



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