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More Mouse Tales

Posted 3/11/2011 11:23am by Mona.

It was foggy and drizzly when we walked down to the barn last night.  No stars were out.  The path to the barn is mud and large puddles.  The snow banks are really going down but there’s still plenty of snow.  The paddock is mud, mud, and more mud, with puddles everywhere in the shape of cute little alpaca feet.  With the rain and the snow melting it’s hard to tell the mud from the alpaca poo especially at night.  At least it’s not iced over; spring is on its way.  Thankfully the new gutter is doing its job to keep the barn dry.

The alpacas were fairly quiet even after I turned on the barn lights.  I fluffed up the hay feeders and brought out another bale and they promptly starting eating.  Dan scooped what little poo there was in the barn and got started on the paddock.  I emptied and re-filled one of the water buckets and put in the apple electrolytes the boys love.  Then I went over to the other water bucket and unplugged it to empty it too.  I noticed that something much larger than a piece of straw was floating in the bucket.

Q:  What is worse than finding a very large mouse running through your barn?

A:  Finding a very large mouse floating belly up in the water bucket!

I started to shake.  I looked in the bucket again and oh yeah, it wasn’t straw.  I shook some more and put the bucket down on the ground.  I didn’t exactly scream, but instead let out a very long and loud, very girlie-ish squeal. 

The alpacas ran out of the barn.

So there I am again, a usually-sensible-forty-something-woman trying hard to keep my composure.  Instead I was squealing, speechless, and almost cried.  Dan stomped over to me.  ‘What, what is it?  Speak!’  So I told him.  He walked over to the bucket and looked in.  As he was leaving the barn to go dump out the bucket, he reminded me that this was a farm and that I need to get used to these things.


When he came back he assured me that it was only a small mouse, not a very large mouse.  He always knows the right thing to say!

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