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Shawl Pins For Sale

Posted 9/3/2013 2:35pm by Mona.

In my never-ending attempts to be more organized, I recently came across these lovely, hand-made, wooden shawl pins that I forgot I still had:

shawl pins for sale

These were hand made by the since retired owner of an alpaca farm in Maine.  They are about 2 and ¾ inches wide.  The lighter wood is maple and the darker wood is purpleheart.  They look beautiful attached to a shawl or scarf or even as a decoration on a hat.

Lovely aren’t they??  I only have the four that are shown, 2 in maple and 2 in purpleheart. 

Each shawl pin is $27, which includes the cute box they are pictured in as well as shipping within the continental U.S.   If interested, please email me with your Paypal address and I will send an invoice; the shawl pin will be shipped once your payment is received/cleared.  :)


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