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Update on the Llama Rescue Emergency, January 31, 2011

Posted 1/31/2011 9:44am by Mona.

My heart both aches and yet rejoices.  I have heard that by the end of today, all of the remaining llamas at the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary will have been evacuated.  (In fact, all of the animals will have been evacuated.)  Today was the deadline given for the rescue workers on site to leave the property.  The llamas are en route to, or have arrived at, their foster home destinations for proper care and feeding, rehabilitation and training, and eventual re-homing to forever homes.   There is even a group leaving in a critical care trailer with one of the workers, Gayle, who has so eloquently described this very sad journey of an animal sanctuary that was everything but sanctuary.

I have been there in spirit and prayer, hearing the screams of the llamas in my head for a few months now.  I am not strong enough a person to be there in person, to witness this scene of unimaginable tragedy.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for those people involved in rescue, this rescue in particular, this, the largest animal rescue in our country’s history. 

The really hard part begins now.  The wonderful people who have taken in the llamas for foster care are working so hard to restore these animals to health, and to give back to them a sense of trust for their human caretakers.

Once again, I list a few websites if you are able to donate to the care of these llamas.  Please note on your paypal donation or check ‘Montana Rescue.’





Thank you all for reading.  ~ Mona

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