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Our farm’s fiber store, Harmony Fiber Arts, was born out of the question:  ‘And what do you do with the fiber?’  Mostly, we are handweaving with our alpaca fiber, on various frame looms, creating all sorts of fun things to wear and use.  Some benefits of alpaca fiber are: it has no lanolin and can be comfortably worn next to the skin; it feels soft against the skin; it insulates better than wool; it is light; being a natural fiber, it is self-extinguishing. Since our farm is still small, sometimes we will also need to incorporate other farms’ fiber, and sometimes we will blend in other types of natural fibers.  We will focus on utilizing other local farms’ fiber as well as fiber through our co-op,  Natural Fiber Producers.

We are currently working on setting up our online fiber store on Local Harvest.


~  Someday, soon we hope, we will have a separate store on our farm, filled with weaving and knitting supplies, local farms’ yarns, our handwoven items for sale, endless cups of coffee, and perhaps some muffins or cookies when I feel inspired to bake.  For now, the living room works best for us!

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

Coming soon!
Our new fiber store on Local Harvest!


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