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Longwoods Alpacas
Folsom Farm             
Crown Point Alpacas  
Sallie’s Fen                
Someday Farm
White Barn Meadows          

Alpaca Info:

Cottage Industry Alpaca Breeders Association
New England AOBA
Alpaca Registry International                      

Co-ops and Fiber Mills:

North American Alpaca Fiber Producers                  
Sallie’s Fen Fibers 
New England Alpaca Fiber Pool

Alpaca Supplies:

Light Livestock equipment and supply         
Useful items
Ridge Mist Llama supplies
Eagle Peak Herbals

Plants, gardening, and sustainable agriculture:

Local Harvest
Mother Earth News                          
High mowing seeds 
Storey Publishing                          
Maine Organic Farmers&Growers          
Farmer's Almanac                             
Tiny Farming blog
Eagle Peak Herbals                              

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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