Our Story

   Every alpaca farm has its story, and here is ours ...................        

 A friend of mine had been talking about alpacas for quite some time, and in August of 2006, we offered to go with her to an Open Farm Day at a local alpaca farm.  She was unable to attend, so we said that we’d go anyways, and report back to her.   3 hours later, back in the car, Dan looks at me and says those fateful words:  “We can do this!” 

 6 months later we found the perfect place for the beginnings of our farm:  an older log cabin on 6.5 acres in the beautiful agricultural town of Deerfield, NH.  Why a log cabin?  We figured if we were really going to pursue this new venture, than why not also have the house of our dreams.

 We’ve spent the next 2 years slowly getting the land cleared, fencing and barn put up, wiring, water pump, etc.  And is also our nature, we are planting perennials, setting up vegetable gardens and composting areas, putting up birdfeeders and bird houses, building stonewalls, and designing the new landscape around our home and pastures.

 We’ve visited many farms, spent hours and hours researching on the internet, attended shows and seminars, read books, etc., in our quest to learn as much as possible about alpacas.  We’ll be continually learning, searching for new information and ideas, and that is alright with us.

 We are eternally grateful to the late Fran Seaborne, who opened up her farm that fateful day.  We are also grateful for all of you whom we’ve met along this journey, who’ve answered our questions and graciously shared your knowledge with us.  Thank you so much.

 We also would like to thank Peter Buckingham of Folsom Farm, who spent so much time with us at Fran’s Open Farm day.  And a special thank you to Pam Harwood of Longwoods Alpacas, who has spent a very long time patiently waiting for us to get our farm set up, and has taught us so much about alpacas and fiber.  Thank you, Pam.

 And last, but certainly not least, thank you Deb!  If you hadn’t been talking ‘alpacas’ to me for years, our farm would not be here now ......

~  Joy and Gratitude

Quote for Today

Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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