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We hope you will enjoy our small slideshow!  Someday I'll figure out how to get the pictures out of our camera and will post more ................


Stella, as her exhuberant selfDan setting up the raised bedsDreamer and Bo, Dec. 2007Bo Jangles, first winterAlana and Coty,newbornHenry, 2 months oldHay Bale feeder, made by DanThe Boys, April 2010Bo Jangles and Coty, full fleece 2010Bo Jangles, just shorn April 2010Arlo after shearing 2010Bo & Coty after shearing 2010AlpacaFiberForGulfOilSpilloregano&chivescarrots&beetsMay2010Purple clogsDan in the new gardenInto the barn from new gardenThe Little Boys4th of July flagCooling offAlpacas cushed near fanFirst tomato of 2010Arlo and Coty playingBo wants to play tootomatoes!Brunch with a barn viewArlo the cutieJust before shearing day, 2010Dan with Henry, just before his first shearing 2010Our original herd of 5, last picture togetherNorth and Earth in vanNorth jumping out of vanThe Meet and GreetArlo greets North and EarthJulio with Arlo looking onGrazing on a late autumn morningHenry's home! Barn, all ready for the stormAlpacas cozying up for the stormStella and Gracie 2010Alpacas in the paddock on a snowy dayRunning in the snowAlpacas following Dan on the tractorAlpacas love our tractorpoor Stella, so jealous of the alpacas ...Barn and melting snowPurple crocusYellow crocusblooming daffodil !April 23 snowsprinkling limeadding fresh stonedustdigging out under the poo areaRaking stonedust to smooth outComposted poo pile!Snow in the poo pile! in springalpacas distracted by fresh hayCopper Moon, 2 hours oldCopper Moon with momma AlanaCopper Moon and AlanaCopper Moon, smilingCopper Moon, 12 days oldEragon and Cavalier join our farmAlana and Copper, 1 month oldGuinnessAlpacas cooling offAlpacas checking out the poolCavalier is the first one in!Julio and Desi at the little hay binEarthWindandFire, up closetrailer after first autumn snowHay - it's what for dinnerfresh bale of haythe ole red wheelbarrowthe new wheelbarrowJulio kissesDesi in full fleece May2013Alpacas full fleece May2013Alpacas May2013Earth .. May2013Daji,Copper,Falcon Aug2013Shiloh April 2014shiloh April 2014Shiloh and Dan Apr 2014Shiloh and Dan April 2014The Ladies - June2014Alana as a cria
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Never let the odds keep you from doing
what you know in your heart
you were meant to do. 

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